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Nothing spreads faster that a good reputation.



I am now officially addicted – each bon bon has a perfect amount of rich chocolate coating, ice cream and cookie base too! And, they are 100% natural with only 60 calories each! They have 3 other flavors – peanut butter, mocha java and of course vanilla. Mouth begin watering – NOW.”

“I took the box to our monthly wine club and they were gone in a snap!!! Faster than the chocolate dipped strawberries.”

“The richness of the chocolate shell and cookie bottom combined with sweet chocolate ice cream packs an Oscar de la Hoya like punch of flavor. Two bon bons really is enough – and with 12/box I can get through nearly a whole week of my nightly craving for chocolate/ice cream urges without having to make a desperate run to the local market for ice cream or ice cream shop.”

“I bought a box of your dark chocolate mint ice cream bon bons at Sam’s Club – I think these treats are fabulous! I have been recommending them to my family and friends.”

“The dark shell against the softened cookie bottom and creamy chocolate ice cream is as dreamy as Dr. Shephard on Grey’s Anatomy.